MIND and Onirism – Exploring the Territories of the Psyche

MIND and Onirism – Exploring the Territories of the Psyche

At the core of my artistic exploration, the theme "Mind" emerges as a powerful and dreamlike metaphor. Inspired by the vastness and complexity of the unconscious, this theme seeks to reveal the unexplored territories of the human psyche. The mind is not just a repository of thoughts and memories, but also a deep ocean where dreams, emotions, and imaginations intertwine in a continuous dance. In this dreamlike universe, each thought is a journey of self-discovery and introspection.

What is Onirism?

Onirism is an artistic and literary movement that places dreams and dreamlike experiences at the center of creation. Originating in the early 20th century, Onirism values the exploration of the unconscious, fantasy, and surrealism, challenging the logic and constraints of everyday reality. Oniric works often use symbolic and abstract imagery to capture the essence of dreams and altered mental states.

Chapter: Mental Ships

Description: The Mental Ships chapter symbolizes the constant journey of the mind through the seas of thoughts and emotions. Each work represents a ship sailing through different mental states, from serene calm to turbulent storms of consciousness. These ships are metaphors for the ideas and memories we carry, traveling through the time and space of our minds.

Inspiration and Concept: The inspiration for the Mental Ships chapter comes from dreams that traverse the vast seas of the unconscious, where the mind navigates in search of understanding and revelation. The works in this chapter capture the essence of internal journey, evoking a sense of exploration and continuous discovery.

Chapter: Night and Day

Description: The Night and Day chapter explores the natural cycles of light and darkness, reflecting the internal rhythms of our minds and spirits. This chapter captures the duality between clarity and obscurity, consciousness and unconsciousness, and how these states alternate and influence each other. The works explore the transition between nighttime rest and daytime wakefulness, symbolizing daily rebirth and mental renewal.

Inspiration and Concept: The inspiration for the Night and Day chapter arises from the cycles of dreams and wakefulness, where the night brings vivid and symbolic narratives, offering deep insights, while the day brings clarity and conscious activity. The works in this chapter reflect the beauty of duality, celebrating the interconnection between nighttime mystery and daytime enlightenment.

Why Onirism?

Through the prism of Onirism, the "Mind" theme provides a deep immersion into the inner world of dreams and imagination. The oniric approach allows me to create works that not only reflect the external reality but also the complex and rich inner landscapes of the human mind. The use of symbolic imagery and surreal elements is essential to evoke the deep layers of the unconscious and the myriad of emotional and psychological experiences.

The Connection Between Mind and Onirism

The "Mind" theme intertwines closely with Onirism, as both are dedicated to exploring the depths of the unconscious. Through my works, I seek to create a dialogue between conscious reality and the realms of dreams, allowing viewers to navigate through their own mental landscapes. This process of oniric creation not only challenges traditional perception but also offers a new way of understanding and experiencing internal reality.

The "Mind" theme is an artistic exploration of mental processes and inner landscapes that define our human experience. Through the chapters "Mental Ships" and "Night and Day," I invite the viewer to embark on an introspective journey, exploring the depths of the unconscious and the luminosity of consciousness. This theme is a celebration of the transformative power of the mind and the infinite capacity to dream and imagine.

Through Onirism, I seek to transcend the limits of reality, creating works that not only reflect but also illuminate the deepest and most mysterious corners of the human mind. I hope that this journey through the "Mind" theme inspires you to explore your own dreams and discover the infinite possibilities that reside within you.

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