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Pedro Palrão - Visual Poetry



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Oil on canvas
100x100 cm

Jklsdhco - The crossing of ArtPoem Object – mixed techniqueIn this work, I wanted to represent a raft in the vastness of the artistic universe, a floating raft that represents the crossing of art through the social and technological transformations that shape our world. In this canvas, a block of collages comes together to give shape to this vessel, seen from above, which carries my artist's heart within it.

This raft is not just a means of transportation, but my very essence as a creator, carrying with it materials, memories, techniques and visual elements that have inspired me throughout my creative journey. Each piece that makes up this vessel is like a treasure of experiences accumulated over time, a testimony of my past and a promise of my future.

By gliding along imaginary waves, I sail in search of new horizons, in search of a certain and enlightened direction. This raft crossing is more than a physical journey, it is a metaphor for my ongoing search for the future of art with an optimistic outlook. It is the belief that art is capable of finding its direction even in the uncertain waters of modernity.

The lines that intersect and connect throughout the painting represent my moorings, my memories and my connections with the ports I have passed through and where I wish to anchor. These lines, in an intricate tangle, form a guiding constellation, like a star map that guides me on my path, so that I never lose my way.

The distance between the lines is intended to invite you to reflect on the vastness of the artistic universe, a space in constant expansion and exploration. It is into this space that I launch myself with courage and determination, exploring unknown seas and challenging limits.

Thus, in this work, I intend to convey the journey of art, my incessant journey in search of my destiny and my own expression. A raft loaded with meanings and symbolism, a poetic invitation to embark on this journey of discovery, where art sails free, defying the boundaries of time and space.

Pedro Palrão
1984 Portalegre
Currently lives between Casével and Torres Novas

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