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Pedro Palrão

Fields Boc - Horizons of Reflection

Fields Boc - Horizons of Reflection

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Digital Draw printed on Canvas
110x90 cm

"Fields Boc" is a mesmerizing digital oneirism piece that embodies the essence of the East Chapter within the theme "Mirror." This artwork explores the expansive horizons of reflection and introspection, inviting viewers to traverse through fields of possibility and new beginnings. "Fields Boc" captures the serene yet dynamic nature of dawn, symbolizing the boundless potential that each new day holds.

Inspired by the dawn's awakening light and the reflective properties of mirrored landscapes, "Fields Boc" delves into the interplay between reality and illusion. The piece embodies the theme of renewal and the fresh opportunities that arise with each sunrise. The expansive fields depicted in the artwork represent the vastness of the human mind and the endless journeys of self-discovery and transformation.

"Fields Boc" uses a rich and nuanced digital palette to create a surreal, dreamlike landscape. The composition features wide, open fields that stretch towards a distant horizon, illuminated by the soft, golden light of dawn. The mirrored elements within the fields create a sense of depth and reflection, enhancing the dreamlike quality of the scene.

Key symbols such as ethereal figures, reflective surfaces, and abstract forms are intricately woven into the landscape, each serving as a metaphor for introspection and the search for meaning. The digital medium allows for a seamless blend of textures and layers, creating a multidimensional space that invites viewers to immerse themselves in the reflective journey.

In "Fields Boc," the expansive fields and mirrored elements symbolize the limitless potential of the human mind and the continuous journey of self-exploration. The work suggests that just as fields stretch towards the horizon, our thoughts and dreams extend into the unknown, filled with endless possibilities. It invites viewers to reflect on their personal journeys and the new beginnings that each day offers.

For me, "Fields Boc" represents the infinite horizons of reflection and the beauty of new beginnings. The digital medium, with its capacity for creating detailed and layered landscapes, mirrors the complexity and depth of the human psyche. Creating this piece was an exploration of the vast, uncharted territories within the mind and the endless potential for growth and transformation.

"Fields Boc" stands as a testament to the power of reflection and the continuous journey of self-discovery. Through this digital oneirism piece, I aim to inspire viewers to embrace the vastness of their inner landscapes, to seek out new horizons, and to explore the boundless potential that each new day brings.


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