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Pedro Palrão - Visual Poetry

Road Webs - Tangled Paths

Road Webs - Tangled Paths

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Oil on canvas
120x100 cm

"Road Webs" is a captivating piece from the "Path" theme, specifically within the "Denial" chapter, created using the Painting Poems technique. This work delves into the intricate and often tangled journey of denial, illustrating how our paths can become convoluted and challenging when we refuse to acknowledge certain truths. The painting-poem hybrid invites viewers to reflect on their own journeys and the moments where denial has obscured their way.

Inspired by the complexities of navigating life's paths, especially when denial is involved, "Road Webs" explores the emotional and psychological landscapes that emerge when we resist facing reality. The work uses the metaphor of a web to depict how our paths can become entangled, creating barriers and confusion. This piece captures the essence of being caught in a web of our own making, highlighting the struggle to break free and find clarity.

"Road Webs" employs a palette of muted tones and contrasting shades to evoke a sense of complexity and entanglement. The painting features a series of interconnected roads and pathways, resembling a web, with each thread representing a choice, a denial, or a path not taken. The fluid and dynamic forms suggest movement and the ongoing nature of this internal struggle.

The use of textured layers and overlapping lines symbolizes the layers of denial and the intricate ways in which they intertwine. Embedded within the painting are poetic verses that speak to the emotions and thoughts associated with denial, adding depth and a narrative element to the visual experience. These verses are woven seamlessly into the composition, enhancing the reflective nature of the piece.

Key symbols in the work include:

  • Interwoven Paths: Representing the complex and intertwined nature of our decisions and denials.
  • Obscured Landmarks: Symbolizing the loss of direction and clarity when denial takes hold.
  • Fragmented Light: Indicating moments of realization and the struggle to see through the web of denial.

"Road Webs" suggests that the journey through denial is fraught with obstacles and confusion. The tangled paths represent the difficulty of navigating through life when we refuse to face certain truths. The embedded poetry provides insight into the emotional turmoil that accompanies denial, offering a poignant commentary on the human experience.

For me, "Road Webs" is a deeply personal exploration of the times in my life when denial has clouded my judgment and made my path more difficult to traverse. The Painting Poems technique allows me to merge visual art with poetry, creating a multifaceted narrative that speaks to both the heart and mind. This piece was a cathartic process, enabling me to confront and unravel my own webs of denial.

"Road Webs" stands as a reminder that while denial can complicate our journey, acknowledging and confronting it can lead to greater clarity and self-awareness. Through this work, I hope to inspire viewers to reflect on their own paths, recognize the webs they may be caught in, and find the courage to navigate through them toward truth and understanding.

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